10 Survival Tips And Tricks That Might Save Your Life

In this video I give you guys 10 Survival Tips and Tricks that will work in the wilderness or urban environment. Some come from well known survivalist such as Bear Grylls, some are common bushcraft practice for outdoors man and some are just good old fashion life hacks.

Here is a brief outline of the survival tips and tricks:
1) How to use Fat Wood for starting fires
2) Urinate on a shirt wrapped around your head to cool off
3) How to use a Watch as a compass
4) How to create Char Cloth
5) You can use Hand Sanitize to start fire
6) Green pines are great for creating signal fires
7) How to collect water from tree leaves
8) You can insulate your jacket with dry grass, leaves or newspapers
9) You can use tampons for first aid by stuffing in wounds
10) tooth past can reduce pain and swelling of bug bites and stings


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