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It’s almost Christmas and if you’re like me you still need to find some gifts. I put together 40 great gift ideas all under . All of these are things I own and like.

Here are the links (all links support this channel):

1- ThruNite Ti3 AAA Flashlight

2- Zippo Lighter

3- Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Classic Pen Knife

4- Schrade Boot Knife

5- Mora Companion

6- Mora Companion HD

7- Schrade SCH501S Folding Knife

8- Mora Classic

9- Old Hickory Butcher Knife

10- Old Hickory Sheath

11- Opinel No 9 Folding Knife

12- Schrade Tough Tool Multi-Tool

13- Schrade Neck Knife

14- Fiskars Folding Saw

15- Chainmate Pocket Chainsaw

16- Light My Fire Army 2.0 Swedish Firesteel

17- WetFire Tinder

18- Micro Inferno Tinder

19- Live Fire Tinder

20- Bushcraft 101 – Dave Canterbury

21- 98.6 Degrees – Cody Lundin
Cody Lundin

22- When AllHell Breaks Loose – Cody Lundin

23- SAS Survival Handbook – Lofty Wiseman

24- Bushcraft – Mors Kochanski

25- Build The Perfect Survival Kit – John D. McCann

26- Outdoor Survival Skills – Larry Dean Olsen

27- Cache Lake Country – John J. Rowlands

28- Rite in the Rain Notebook

29- Fox 40 Whistle

30- Ranger Beads

31- SOL Utility Blanket

32- SOL Emergency Blanket

33- Light My Fire Titanium Spork

34- Stainless Steel Water Bottle

35- Berkey Sport Filter Bottle

36- Backpacking Stove

37- Stove Fuel Canister

38- Smith’s Pocket Pal Sharpener

39- Old Timer Sharpfinger

40- Cold Steel Pendleton Lite

Just over :

Bahco Laplander folding Saw

Sawyer Mini Water Filter

Merry Christmas !!!!!

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