Alpenlore Tactical Outdoor Para Cord BELT Survival EDC KIT Riggers Belt Military Cobra Buckle

A Cobra buckle military style paracord belt that you can add to your survival gear list or EDC kit items list. It is a hand crafted designer belt woven from paracord rope that includes a hidden survival kit / emergency kit / EDC kit and an illustrated pocket sized survival manual. The emergency / survival kit / EDC kit includes a ferro rod, three matches, a surgical blade and two fishing hooks. The survival belt alone can be unravelled in minutes allowing for 12 feet of webbing and 50 feet of Paracord for survival knots, securing and attaching sticks and brush, building and repairing equipment and survival tools and latching onto trees. The Alpenlore Survival Belt is an outdoor belt w/ tactical belt and survival belt features rolled into one. It can also be used for alpine emergencies as a mountain rescue belt. The survival manual illustrates how to build wilderness survival shelters, tie rescue knots, create first aid splints, and make emergency harnesses. The survival belt is multi-functional with mountain rescue, water rescue, urban rescue, first aid applications.

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