Basic Wilderness Survival Kit And Contents

PLEASE READ: Shown are the various items essential to last ditch outdoor survival. Description and uses of items.

I’ve been getting some comments about adding more firelighting gear. What I have in this kit is more than enough. Many people go out with much less. There are many primitive ways of lighting fires that I can use.

Please Do Not Add Suggestions For Items I Already Keep In this Kit. I have Made And, Used Many Kits, And Combinations To Make This One. Unlike Many Of The Other Kits On YT, I Use The Items Frequently In The Outdoors. I Know Exactly What I Need For My Purposes. Please Remember- This Is A Last Ditch Kit, I Will Always Have Other Primary Gear With Me When I Venture Out.
Thanks For Understanding. 🙂

Having a kit like this is a must when exploring the great outdoors. This is an updated video(old vid deleted)..

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