Custom Medical Kits For Wilderness Survival By Equip 2 Endure

Adam and Dan (from Dogwood Custom Knives) go through Dan’s personal medical kit. As Dan says, there is never a complete medical kit. Always update it, check the dates, and take some courses to educate yourself on wilderness survival. You can reach Dan at [email protected]

A little background on Dan… Dan’s mother was an RN so he grew up with neighbors coming in to their home for treatments. He then served in the Army and was a Combat Lifesaver in the Army (comparable to an EMT). Not to mention he has tons of experience trekking and treating his pals while out hiking, repelling, etc. And to date, his household stitch count with having 2 sons is at 32 and counting.

What’s in Dan’s Combat Lifesaver Bag (M3 Medical Kit)?
Latex Gloves
Celox Gauze –
Chem Light
Instant Cold Pack
Mylar Blanket –
Sam Splint –
Self Adhering Bandage –
Triple Antibiotic Ointment
Super Glue
Surgical Tube / Tourniquet
Meds – sleep aid, cold remedy, allergy pill, kids medication, immodium, burn gel, mucines, oragel, water purification tabs, asthma inhalers, pain relievers, laxative
EMT Shears –
Pedialyte & Gatorade –
Clamps, forceps, tweezers

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