The Best Canteen/Cookkit For Bushcraft/Outdoor/Survival/BoB

Always trying to optimize my kit and thinking about multi-purpose items, I present you the latest version of my canteen/cookkit.

Gear used:
5.11 H20 Bottle Holder (Molle compatible)
Stainless Steel 1l Nalgene Bottle
700 ml Esbit Titanium Cup with lid
Light My Fire Titanium Spork
Aluminium foil windscreen from Relags
Snow Peak Titanium Trek Plate (also used as a frying pan)
Bushbox hobo stove in self-stitched pouch
Esbit/Trangia petroleum burner
Nalgene 250 ml plastic fuel bottle
Tasmaian Tiger Tac Pouch 4

Old kit:
Plastic Naglene Everyday
Stainless Steel Tatonka Handle Mug
500 ml Trangia Fuel Bottle

Check out my full bushcraft overnight kit:

The Best Canteen/Cookkit for Bushcraft/Outdoor/Survival/BoB

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