Wilderness Survival With Lynx Vilden, Part 2 Of 2, Produced By Thomas J. Elpel

Lynx Vilden of Four Seasons Prehistoric Projects guides her students through a crash course in Stone Age living. Through several months of classes and prep work, students learn a broad range of wilderness survival and living skills. They tan hides and make their own clothes, felt their own blankets from raw wool, manufacture burden baskets, and make gourd canteens and containers and clay cooking pots. They make their own primitive fishing, trapping, and hunting gear, harvest wild edible plants and process wild meat, and they learn primitive methods of fire-starting.

When the classes are all done, and the students have created a full set of Stone Age gear, then they are invited (along with anyone else who is equally qualified), to participate in a free, extended Stone Age Living Project – spending weeks or months living the way our ancestors lived.

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