Are Preppers Prepared For This Doomsday Scenario When The Lights Go OUT?

Are Preppers prepared for this when the lights go out and the SHTF. A horrific Micro burst vision I had whilst cycling through Central London of all places. Preppers have factored in nearly all End Times scenarios but have you factored in swarms of rats and packs of hungry wild dogs on the prowl for food and desperate once their regular food source has dried up. Preppers again will be a prime target in a doomsday scenario.

Do you have a survival plan? This is aimed primarily at Preppers, Christians and Survivalist types.

This is a sort of Video Response to John of The Prepared Mind who discussed what will happen in a SHTF scenario. This thought focuses more on animals rather than people but is just as scary a thought.

Advanced End Times Prepping. Are you prepared for the Hordes?

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