Bug Out Bag: Top Section By The Global Survivor

Bug out Bag: Top Section by The Global Survivor (Part 2)

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Are you prepared to survive during a sudden emergency like a typhoon? Do you have a survival kit with emergency preparation items saved in your Bug out Bag? Do you have edc (every day carry) items?

Some preppers and survivalists are often ridiculed in their preparation for a zombie apocalypse or other disaster, but even simple things such as a winter storm with heavy snow fall can empty store shelves of supplies. When the weather advisory comes on, will you be prepared?

The Global Survivor is devoted to showing people what they need to have to survive all types of natural and man made disasters.

What if there is an economic collapse and crisis springs up everywhere? Will you be prepared? Will you have the cash on hand if and EMP knocks out the power system and you need money to buy things? If the new economy depends on silver and gold because the dollar and other forms of paper money collapse, what will you do?

If a terrorist group sets off a bomb and destroys our electrical grid, will you be prepared to survive? Do you have a supply cache of food as well as a first aid ? If the law in your area allows, you should also have a gun, preferably a rifle, for defense and hunting.

If there is civil unrest, a riot, or war, will you be able to survive. It will probably not be an alien in a UFO or a zombie that will cause you harm, but rather your fellow human beings or a force of nature. Even lightning can kill.

Severe storms such as tornadoes occur in the central part of of North America because of the weather patterns and the Great Plains; BUT this type of storm can also occur in many other places in the world. Subscribe for free and learn how to survive.

Blizzards are basically intense snow storms. There are intense blizzards all over the world in both temperate and arctic areas. Much of the human population lives in areas that are affected by blizzards. Sign up on our survival and website and learn how to survive a blizzard.

Typhoons and Hurricanes are the oceans versions of tornadoes. Even though the winds are not as fast, the overall size of a hurricane or typhoon is massive. These strong winds can blow for days. Are you prepared to survive these storms? Do you have a bug out bag (special bag with emergency provisions that you can grab quickly before evacuating).

Tsunamis, Civil Unrest, Riots, Martial Law, Economic Collapse, or just plain old hoodlums are all dangerous things that you need to be prepared for. You probably do not need to worry about a zombie apocalypse, but a viral or bacterial epidemic can be just as bad. Do you have emergency medical kits to provide you with life saving tools when you need them?

If an atomic power plant has a meltdown, are you able to escape the dangerous radiation that will soon be seeping out into the environment?

What do you do when a massive EMP pulse hits our electrical grid. This has happened before when we used little electricity. These EMP pulses can be from Solar Flares, Nuclear Weapons, or EMP pulse weapons.

Most of all, do you have multiple specific survival guide books on each disaster that you will need to have on hand so you will best know how to prepare, and what actions to take DURING an emergency situation? If you do not have hard copy versions of survival guides, you need to get them.

We hope the information we give will be a help to all survivalists, preppers, and others who want to be prepared against the many dangers that can abound here on our planet earth.

Funny and Cute Animals is our happy side. We teach about facing life threatening situations and surviving. Part of survival is being happy, having fun, and laughing. So, you may be carrying your bug out bag, evacuating your house BUT you can be watching our cute videos to cheer up your day as you are leaving.

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