Building A Bug Out Bag: Food, Fire And Power

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Doomsday prepping is not a pleasant thought, but better to be prepared than caught off-guard. SHTF can come in many forms: man made disaster, natural disaster or, God forbid, economic collapse. Make a survival plan and pack your bag with that plan in mind. Plan for contingencies. Will you need to start a fire? Will you need to fish? Will the roads you plan for your escape be accessible? Consider alternatives.

Bug out bags can only carry so much. Don’t pack more than what you’ll need. Make a list and keep only those things you think are essential. Remember the weight. Survival may depend on hiking with your bag so make sure it’s not overwhelming. If you carry water, remember that adds a lot of weight.

There are a million websites with bug out bag tips, but remember, if you’re stocking food items be aware of their shelf life. MREs have a storage life of about five years. If you use them, rotate them out or replace them after an appropriate time. Hot weather storage will reduce the amount of time they stay good. Dried foods can last 20 to 30 years, but remember you need water to rehydrate them.

Any SHTF prepper will tell you that you only have a limited amount of space in your BOB so pack accordingly. Even a can of dried food takes up a decent amount of space. Would high-calorie survival bars be a better choice?

Consider shelter. If you’re not on the road in a vehicle and exposed to the elements, how will you stay warm? Ultralight tents can be a good choice. At the very least, pack a blanket.

Self defense may be a necessity. If you own a firearm, take it, not only for defense but for hunting if required. And know how to use it safely. A cheap but effective survival knife (with hollow handle) can also come in handy. Items like matches, fish hooks and medicine can be placed in the handle and kept dry. A blade of some sort will allow you to cut kindling, start a fire (with a fire starting stick) or clean fish.

Keep your bag at the ready. Time may be of the essence and you’ll want it ready to go.

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