Food Storage And Canned Meat! EEK!

This is not my favorite topic but there is some logic to the idea of canned meat for the prepper’s pantry shelf in case of apocalyptic pinch. It is an excellent source of protein and will last a very long time. Meat might be very hard to come by during tougher times. Hunting and fishing take time, energy and much preparation. In the meantime I will be relying on a good supply of canned meats. While canned meats are not the healthiest forms of protein, they are a means of long term meat (protein) storage that must be assessed and considered. I have chosen to add them to my prepper’s pantry.

Consider a selection of good variety to gather many different nutrients this way.
1. chicken
2. beef
3. ham
4. tuna
5. salmon
6. herring

I take you on a tour of my canned meats to offer you ideas on what to gather for your prepper’s pantry.

Deviled ham sandwich anyone???……Hey I grew up on these things ….and I lived 🙂 That’s what my mom would say.

To your health, longevity and peace of mind,
The Healthy Prepper 🙂 .

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