Interactive Prepper Bug Out Doomsday Scenario Play Along!


Let’s play an “interactive” game, a short one to begin with, and if popular I will continue. Sort of rushed together but it people enjoy them I can add better and more interactive content.
Theirs no wrong answers here just place yourself in the position.

There is 2 clips in the video. Do not press play until you’ve read the scenario description.

Scenario description,
Jump straight into the fact the place is abandoned, everyone left and pockets of people decided to bug in. You’re now in need of supplies. So go scavenging. Back at your BOL you have your 25 year old son and wife. You have enough water for a day between you, and small amount of energy bars,

You take a Day bag scavenging – taking some water and an energy bar plus first aid kit, map, compass, hat, gloves, a pocket knife and a bin liner. (Can be used as a waterproof layer) and finally a pocket radio PmR for 2 way communication with your wife and son.

Now press play on the video and follow the prompts. When the video asks you to pause, come back and read the info about “Clip 1”

Clip 1
Explain your thought process, what are you looking for? What can be useful amongst all these vehicles?

The impending storm in the distance is closing on your position, you know it’s going to be bad. You have no time to retreat back to your BOL and can’t leave yourself out In the open.

Now Play clip 2, when the video ends come back here and read the details for “clip 2”

Clip 2 details

You see that theres a door to the building open, you approach with caution. Someone must be using it as a walk through.

What would you do first once you’re in this location, you can see it will offer shelter from the storm, but it’s not ideal for anyone that currently inhabiting the area, or might be protecting their own BOL.

You turn your radio on to try and contact your family but static from the storm is hindering reception as well as being inside the building you hear a faint response that is inaudible but reply with encouraging your family that you’ve found somewhere safe and they need to get in the BOV before the storm hits. You switch the radio off to conserve battery. You’re now alone in an unknown area that may be used by hostile people, how do you proceed?

Rewind and replay as many times as needed

And post your responses and discuss,

I know it’s very vague at the moment it’s a concept idea, if people enjoy this then I can continue and add better content storyline etc.

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