Is Florida The Best ‘Bug Out’ State – For Preppers.

Is Florida the Best ‘Bug out’ State – for Preppers.
With a plenty of sunshine, warm weather all year-round and a more than enough rainfall, Florida is maybe the best place to be a “survivor” in the event of any major unforeseen national emergency or problem. In Florida one can be a “prepper” and live in style and not have to “hunker down in a cave” as some preppers do in other parts of the country. Also central Florida is well above sea-level with many places being over 100 feet above sea-level, so that in the unlikely event of flooding of the east coast of the United States, most of Florida would likely not be affected. With a very long growing season and plenty of rainfall and sunshine the prospects of agriculture are fantastic in Florida. If only the State of Florida would allow the growing of Industrial Hemp, Florida could be totally energy and food dependent.
Florida is undoubtedly one of the best areas in the United States for agriculture and growing your own food. Additionally the mild winters do not present much problem for having to provide heat should the power (electrical) grid go down or fail nationwide.

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