Last Night On Earth – Doomsday Prepper Robert (Afterparty)

Robert discovered there is an afterparty planned for the Last Night on Earth. Here is his view on that!

Last Night on Earth – August 12th 2016 – De Marktkantine Amsterdam

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Robert is preparing for the apocalypse, and is getting ready for our Last Night on Earth. August 12th will be your last chance to get your earthly kicks and smoke your cigarette with style: rock ‘n’ roll lust launches us into eternity with Peter Pan Speedrock, Death Alley, Shaking Godspeed and your Last Rites Orchestra x zZz. Get your tickets now and make sure you don’t miss out on this ultimate rock experience.

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Last Night on Earth is here to satisfy the crowd’s rock n’ roll craving, as an increasingly varied audience is realizing that live bands are no longer the prologue of an evening, but should be considered the climax of any night.

This way, the festival offers an alternative to the rigidity of Dutch nightlife culture, characterized by early curfews where bands only serve to pave the way for an interchangeable DJ. Considering the end of the world after August 12th, making this our last chance to indulge in the pure energy of live music and to have rock ‘n’ roll launch us into infinity, we kick out the jams by making live rock music the epicenter of the night again.

From the moment the last train departs until the first one arrives, Death Alley and Shaking Godspeed present their midnight boogie: Last Night on Earth.

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