Major Prepper – Wise Food Storage Review

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Our state of the art manufacturing facility allows us to guarantee that the best process and procedures are followed, not only to insure that a long shelf life is achieved, but also to deliver the highest quality products that taste great. Each recipe is unique to Major Prepper’s Wise Company through extensive research and testing, our team of chefs, have combined both freeze dried, and dehydrated product together to insure optimal taste, texture and nutritional value. Each individual ingredient is them combined, through a specialized blending process. the blended ingredients are then packaged into multi layer, metal lined Mylar pouches.
Because meal taste and quality is so important to us, checks and balances have been put in place across the entire process.
From blending to packaging finished product is continually being tested and sampled, to ensure quality.
To help insure extended shelf life, and to keep the freshness, of your food storage. We use a nitrogen flushing process, through several stages of the packaging. This process removes residual oxygen from each pouch.
By packaging the meal in individual pouches, you are given just the right amount of food for each meal, so there isn’t waste.
We take the security of our food a step further, by adding another layer of security Placing an assortment of pouches into compact square plastic containers, that are very easy to stack and store.

Each container is notched on the bottom to assure stack ability, in no more space than a washer or dryer takes up, you can store enough ready made meals, to feed a family of six for a full year.

Each bucket is then packed and shipped directly to your home.

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