New 72-hour Kit All-purpose Bug Out Bag Australian

This is my new 72-hour kit/all-purpose bug-out-bag set-up.
Kit Contents:
Camelbak Motherlode – Black
Water-proof Bag/liner – Sea-to-Summit – Black
Camelbak Stealth – Black
Goretex Style Jacket – Black, Waterproof Breathable & Very Quiet(unlike Goretex)
Platatac Burrow 1 Sleeping Bag
USGI Goretex Bivvy Bag Woodland Camo
Camouflage Net 3m x 3m Woodland Camo
Auscam Pouch for Cooking Kit
Auscam Hootchie with Paracord Lines Attached
SKEDCO MOUT Lifeline – Emergency Abseil/Rescue Kit
Mountain Designs Sleeping Bag Pillow
Sleeping Bag Liner – Silk – Kathmandu
Waterproof Map Case ACU Digi-cam with Tritium Compass, Light sticks, Pen & Pencil
Clothing Pouch – Red with Silk-weight Thermal Top & Bottom, Thick Socks & Underwear
Gloves — Blue – Thinsulate for Cold Weather
¾ Sleeping Mat – Kathmandu – OD Green
Cold Steel SRK Carbon V Knife & Survival Kit;
Bolo Machete 1944 – Carbon Steel
Bacho Laplander Folding Saw in a Blackhawk MOLLE POP Flare Pouch OD Green
Cooking Kit: USGI Plastic Canteen with NBC Lid, S/Steel Canteen Cup & Canteen Stove
Fire Kit: Waterproof Matches, Tinder, Fire Steel, Bic Lighter, Vaseline
Frost Mora — Carbon Steel
Bush Hat — Auscam Short-brim
Bush Hat — Desert Camo Wide-brim Floppy
Mozzie Net — OD Green Large
Keffiyeh/Shemagh — OD Green
MRE — Rations Assorted
Water Rations — 1 Liter
Trapping Snare Kit – with Snare Wire & Pre-made Trap
Gloves – Auscam – Goatskin Leather
Survival Blanket
SWP Water Purifier – MWP200 Military Premac Travel Well Pocket Purifier
Hygiene Kit – Soap Toothbrush/paste, T.P. in Water-resistant holder, Hand Sanitizer, KFC Wipes, & Cloth.
First-Aid Kit in Water-proof Plastic Container
Collapsible Sink – Small – Blue
Collapsible Bucket 8L Red/Black SNLAK
Gerber Recon M Torch 4 Colours
BETA Light Tritium
Straps – Tie-down
Fishing Rod & Reel – Telescopic
Water Transpiration Bags x 8
Travel Towel – OD Green
Israeli Trauma Bandage, EMT Shears & Wound Pad #15
Cordage – Outside of Climbing Rope
Lithium Batteries in Plastic Case AA, AAA & 3V

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