Preppers Food Storage Possible: Manicotti With Homemade Ricotta

Peppers you can make your own Parmesan and mozzarella and use powered eggs to make this completely from food storage.

Manicotti –Can be made from food storage

1 manicotti shells
2 eggs or 4 tbsp egg power with 2 tbsp water
4 c ricotta (see my video on homemade ricotta
1/2 c of parmesans cheese
1 c mozzarella
1 tbsp oregano
Mix together and stuff cooked shells (follow package directions)

1 quart spaghetti sauce
Put ½ c spaghetti sauce on bottom of pan, lay in the stuffed manicotti and pour the rest of the spaghetti sauce over the top. Top with a sprinkling of parmesan and bake at 375 for 20 minutes.

Tuesday’s 8pm central time

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