Uk Preppers Bug Out Heating

uk prepper magazine a first in the uk out now see my other videos its online and there is a downloadable version and even an iphone app version get your january 2013 edition now 100 downloads on first 3 hours
uk preppers bug out heating free heating free cooking free drying free food food dehydrating get ready for the big one no smoke cooking please see my other videos
feel free to ask for help building one THE HOT BOX
do you have place in the country and need heat and dont want to be seen with loads of smoke this is ideal for you do you want to make loads of long life food for free
you need THE HOT BOX do you have a caravan thats not used for long periods of time
keep it warm when your away you need THE HOT BOX have a house thats left empty for a long time yes you need THE HOT BOX and as a bonus if you need hot water just put a few feet of copper tube in the box and hot water for a shower or a nice hot coffee
yes you need THE HOT BOX
if you like click like if you dont please feel free to tell me why
so good would even heat a tent

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