4 Survival Prepping Tips EVERY Prepper Should Know!

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Often people don’t like to think about disaster but if you want to be safe AND survive a disaster than it’s absolutely essential that you begin to prep. In today’s video we’ll cover four of the most important

The first and arguable the most important prepping tip is to begin to stock up on water right away. As a rule of thumb you should have at least a gallon of water stashed away per person.

The second thing that you will need to do is to start prepping lots of food. It should be canned foods, dried foods and only types of foods that have a long shelf life.

The first thing you really should try to do is start to get fit and in shape if you aren’t already. In a disaster strength is often needed and it’s easy to prepare your strength now than to wait til disaster strikes.

The last survival tip for when the SHTF is to learn how to create shelters out of the basic items in your area such as tree trunks and anything else that is around you. Doing this will greatly improve your chances of survival in a disaster scenario.

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