End Times Prepping: Something To ‘Seriously’ Consider While There Is Still Time

A Message From John Shorey:

Dear friends and fellow watchers for the Lord’s Return.

On Friday I participated in a web seminar. It was put on by Sun Ovens international. We talked about and highlighted the benefits of their product called the Solar Oven. These units are awesome. We use them frequently to cook our meals, bread and they can be used to dehydrate fruits and veggies with no fuel required except the sun.

You can go to this link and watch the seminar,

They are offering a great discount of 0.00 off each unit to all who take part in this limited time offer. You can order one or more of these units that come with all the accessories and bonus products by going to :

Or you can call Sun Oven international at (800) 408-7919.
And use the discount code “ Shorey Webinar”

I would not participate or recommend this product if I did not believe it is absolutely essential for the days ahead. I have purchased three of the units myself. Imagine the benefits of being able to cook an 18 pound turkey in 4 hours with no needed fuel but the sun.
Sincerely John Shorey

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