Ep 1 – Prepping For The Tennessee River

We are going to be making a 1,304 mile boat trip on the Tennessee River, beginning in Knoxville, Tennessee onward to Paducah, Kentucky and then back to our starting point in Knoxville.

We will be in a 1985 Weeres 20 foot pontoon boat with a 1987 Force 35 HP outboard motor. We’re very inexperienced and we have to learn a little before we take our trip by experimenting on a local lake. (Norris Lake)

Our steering, throttle and transmission controls are all homemade and could fail. Becky enclosed the entire boat by taking apart an old tent and rearranged the panels, then sewed them back together for a custom fit.

Our friends and family placed bets that we will perish by drowning, exposure to the elements or many other scenarios. We believe that we will be just fine.

Join us aboard the “Sputter Butt” as we learn about boating…the hard way.

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