Impressive Big Beef Tomatoes, Gardening, & Prepping

We had a decent chance of rain, so I thought it would be a good idea if I cleaned up the Big Beef tomato plants by removing the leaves that had some blight. During the process, I began to see more and more tomatoes. I’m not easily impressed these days, but what I saw when I finished the row was really quite impressive. Lots and lots of tomatoes, and very consistent in size.

This tomato has a great taste. It’s even been called the “best ever” by many of the local folks who I have shared it with. And to get that response from 60,70,80+ yr old folks is quite a testament to the quality and taste of Big Beef. It truly is an impressive tomato.

When I made my first video 18 months ago, I talked about my reasons for doing what I do. Simply trying to grow as much food as possible to help the folks around here. I’ve learned a lot in 18 months, and I feel like I’m Prepared to Provide for a lot of folks. However, things have only gotten worse in this country. If you’ve been prepping, stocking up food, it would be a good idea to learn how to grow food to replace your stored items if you run out. If you’re a skilled gardener, it would be a good idea to grow even more, to help others, and to also share your knowledge.

***For the record, I have no party affiliation. This is simply a statement about a gov’t doing what IT wants, and NOT what the people want. Much like the passage of the TARP bill.***

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