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Hello and welcome! In this video, I will talk about job hunting, good ways to search, how to write a resume and cover letter, how to handle phone and face to face interviews, what to wear and how the job market has changed.
I’ve also listed below some common questions you may be asked…
Great advice for anyone looking for work. Please comment below with any questions you may have and I’ll give you my best answer, based on my own experience.

I’ve been working for over 40 years and have seen a lot of changes in the job market since that first job in 1974.

If you have been out of the workforce for years or are presently looking to change jobs, this is a great video for solid information on the work search process and landing that job!

Good luck and much success to you!

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Helpful links and websites:
Free Training in MS Office Programs:

Job Search Engines:
Simply Hired:
Craig’s List:

Free Youtube Training on Excel :

MS Outlook Training :

Cover Letter Writing:

Resume Writing:

Interviewing (Youtube) :

Clothes/Dress For Success :

Tell me a little about yourself.
Why did you leave your last job? (They may ask for each job on your list)
What do you know about our company?
What attracted you to THIS job?
What do you look for in a manager (type of managerial style do you prefer?)
Where do you see yourself in 2 (or 5) years?
What computer skills do you have?
What are your weaknesses?
What are your strengths?
How do you deal with stress?
Describe yourself in 3 words. (Only use 3 words!)
Why should we hire you?
What salary are you thinking of for this position?
Any questions for me (us)?

BEHAVIORAL QUESTIONS Requiring S*T*A*R* answers:
“Tell me a situation (or tell me about a time) when you…”
When you disagreed with a manager or a new process?
When you helped a co-worker?
When you took on a leadership role?
When you handled an angry or abusive customer?
When you knew you would not meet a deadline?
When you were busy and another co-worker interrupted you with a new task?
When you had to deal with stress?
When something didn’t go well for you?

There may be other questions asked, but they should be easier, based on a better understanding of your past work experience by making sure you can answer all of the above questions confidently.

Remember to create a story-answer based on an actual situation at a previous workplace, and how you personally handled it, using the STAR guideline…
STAR: S=Situation, T=Task, A=Action, and R=Results
xox KathyA : D

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