Late Night Crafty Club: Prepping For Camp Reset

NOTE: THIS IS A PREVIOUSLY RECORDED EPISODE FROM 6/23. The chat room is not available or visible but you will see me looking off to the side a lot and that was what I was looking at so I could interact.

It’s time to get ready for Camp Reset! Starting July 1st, Camp Reset will launch, an interactive online retreat for creatives like you. Featuring 4 weeks of challenges, tips, ideas, videos, Late Night Crafty Episodes and an awesome FB group for interacting with fellow campers, Camp Reset is your personal oasis for resetting yourself.
Challenges will focus on self-care, healthy eating ideas, nature walks and creative activities. And did I mention you can earn badges? Any former Girl Scout should be super excited right now! Plus, there are free printables each week to set up in your planners!

Sign up here and you will receive a welcome email with initial dates to mark in your planner plus you will receive a link for a fun printable:

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Products shown in video:
Crafty Girl PlayKit (Discover Edition):
Fruit Infused Water Bottle:
USB Essential Oil Infuser:
I Am Here Now book:
Lara Bars:

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