Meal Prep For Bodybuilding: Get Easier Muscle Gains By Prepping Your Meals

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Meal prep for bodybuilding should be something every dude does who aspires to build lean muscle mass and live a great life.

Why is it so important? Meal prep for bodybuilding will help you make easier gains because it will free up your 2 most important assets – time and money!

Yes – meal prepping not only makes your gains come easier but it is going to save you a ton of time and money.

No more drive through diet meals – and no more wasting 30 minutes in the middle of the week to cook up a meal.

When you learn how to meal prep properly you will cook all of the food for the week on Sunday and you will be ready to rock and roll throughout the week.

In this video fitness model Troy Adashun shares with you how to make easier lean muscle gains by meal prepping your food in less than 1 hour!

In less than one hour of time you are going to have food for the entire week! The beauty of meal prep is that you can multi-task like a boss – and have your oven, microwave, skillet, and rice cooker all working at once.

The result is a plethora of bodybuilding gains in less than an hour of your time.

Think about how many times you are distracted throughout the week to cook up individual meals or grab something while you’re out. Not only is this time consuming, but can end up being very expensive.

Buying foods in bulk such as sweet potatoes, brown rice, chicken breasts, and even hemp seeds and chia seeds are going to help you get big faster because they are quality bodybuilding foods – and also save a bunch of money.

I’m sure you are excited to learn how to meal prep for easier gains, so make sure to watch the entire video as Troy shares his exact meal prep formula for success and cooks up a weeks worth of food live from his kitchen. Enjoy guys!

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