Metal Detecting & Prepping An Old Well For Excavation

In this video we do the following: Teach a quick lesson on how to find sites to metal detect, clean out a well for future digs, and find some kick butt treasure! Metal detecting this old 1800’s homesite pays off.

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This is the second hunt for us. Although we have found a fair amount of iron trash, some of it has been really cool iron targets including one muzzle loading shotgun barrel. On this trip Scrap Iron finds a 1870 three cent piece and Kevin finds a gold plated ring! I dug up some iron crap. We got some good footage from the quad chopper for our video trailer.

And yes, this is old footage from last fall. I forgot that I never made this into a video! I can’t believe I forgot to complete this but glad I found it. We hope to metal detect this site and get out to finish our exploration of the well sometime this fall.

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