Orbitalum BRB Pipe Prepping Machine Demonstration

Boiler Pipe Preparation Machines

A Lightweight and robust Boiler Prep Machine. For high-precision and reproducible weldprep profiles. Simultaneous facing, beveling, counterboring and axial turning of pipes made from high-alloy steel (stainless steel), low-alloy and carbon steel with the unique tool system QTC. Designed for pipe end preparations and boiler pipe applications. Up to 3 tools can be used at the same time.


* Compact design for precise and reproducable weld prep profiles
* Maximum performance and lightweight
* High-performance coated tool bit with two cutting edges
* Quick clamping system for tools with easy adjustment
* Adjustable air outlet
* Ergonomic handling
* Tools adaptable on all BRB machines
* Low noise level
* Application optimised housing design

Your benefits:

* Increased productivity
* Fast tool change
* Precise and reproducable weld prep profiles

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