Prepping For A Hurricane: My Food & Water Haul

I’m going to show you my hurricane shopping hall. The things I feel I need to survive two weeks without power. I like to get food that is high in protein and fiber and also nutritional. I also like to get a few sweet foods to liven up the day and satisfy my sweet tooth. Baking some oatmeal cookies with raisins can cover both bases especially when I add a bit of protein powder. Good food is awesome when the power is out but the most important thing by far is water. Your water supply should take top priority when planning for a disaster. Not having enough or having tainted water can make a bad situation worse. Also fighting crowds at the store for water can be a huge pain. That’s why I highly recommend these blue aqua-tainers. You can fill them up at home from the kitchen sink and store them away. They are a must have for my Homestead.

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