Prepping For Concrete, The Pros Arrive

0:00 People outside working on the stable
0:15 Problems with delivery of camera
0:42 delivery problem resolved
1:04 Old Mats and Tractor roof
3:04 Cutting out old Asphalt
3:30 Carrying rocks to help out
4:46 More work going on
5:09 Printer issues
6:17 Jackie’s computer upgraded itself to Windows 10
8:12 Colin the camo sniper
8:51 Timelapse
9:27 Faulty pump and what will happen tomorrow
10:58 Plan to Stop the dogs from entering the barn
11:10 Bringing back the bins
14:28 What the lines on the grass are for
15:33 Going inside
16:08 Need to send the TrunkClub box back
16:50 Driving to the UPS distribution facility
17:52 How it went
19:09 hole in the wall
19:30 PKA finished, Hydraulic Press channel idea
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