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My Prepping for Pennies Review. Is Prepping for Pennies Scam? Prepping for Pennies, Dave Steen uses the vast weight of his experience living through Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy to give anyone a head start on their survival plans, regardless of their budget. The book promises to drastically reduce the cost of anyone’s survival plans, whilst also correcting any misapprehensions people may have about the value of their survival gear.
Steen was inspired to write his Prepping for Pennies book after an incident during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina led to him and his niece running for their lives from a pack of looters. He describes how, in that moment, fancy and expensive survival equipment was of little use to him and the one thing that saved them from being attacked was an old piece of rope that he had in his pocket. He was able to use the rope to secure a door long enough for them to make their escape. Steen knows that you can not rely on the government to help you out, as the absence of FEMA will attest to, so you are always best served by taking your life and the lives of your family into your own hands.
It was in reflecting upon this moment that Steen realised that whilst many survivalists had good intentions, they were being unfair if they did not take into consideration all the people on low incomes who loved their families just as much. With Prepping for Pennies in hand, Steen argues that you will be able to meet all the needs of your family in the event of a crisis, without sacrificing their needs now.
Prepping for Pennies Details
The Prepping for Pennies book retails at and comes bundled with three remarkable and unique books, all written with the aim of saving the reader money with their survival plans. Making Your Own Survival Equipment contains comprehensive blueprints on how to build cheap and effective equipment, for a fraction of the cost of a store bought item. The Schappeller Generator shows you how to make your own generator, using the ideas of the man who made one to help fight the Nazis and Bug-Out Planning Guide which helps you pack an effective bug-out bag without breaking the bank. All of the books are printed in hardback with premium, glossy covers.
Prepping for Pennies is very well presented and Steen has a very enjoyable writing style. The book is marked into clearly defined chapters, broken up into various headings and sub-headings so you will be able to find what you are looking for very easily.
Steen has a writing style which is incredibly easy to read. He writes clearly and cleanly, communicating his points effectively and letting you know exactly what is required of you at any given moment.
His experience in Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy prove invaluable when he talks about what cheap things should be stockpiled that will earn their weight in gold in a crisis. For example, a few kilogram bags of salt stored now will not only help you preserve meat but, for their role in that process, become a very valuable trading commodity.
The great thing about this Prepping for Pennies book is that it is not just a list of recipes or blueprints, but a guide on how to change the way you think about survival. Steen has over 30 years of experience as a survivalist so he knows the pitfalls and errors in judgement that new preppers can fall victim to. A great example of this are his Seven Secret Techniques which, once memorised, provide an improved way of thinking about prepping, having you consider cost/benefit as well as knowing what equipment you can replicate yourself.
One of the most important things that Steen communicates is that, whilst many survivalists focus on what type of crisis to prepare for, the vital thing is that you focus on meeting your family’s needs. He argues effectively that these needs will be the same whether you are dealing with civil war, an earthquake or a hurricane like him. If you can ensure your family’s safety, their nutritional needs and their physical and mental wellbeing, then you will all be able to cope with whatever the world throws at you.

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