Prepping: Radios For Local SHTF Comms

In this video I compare a range of different radios and talk about how they are good (or not so good) for preppers who wants comms for an SHTF or WROL situation.
The radios used, in order, are:
Binatone Action 950. Newer models of this radio are available now, such as the Action 1100 (Amazon UK: This is a PMR446 radio so can’t be used in North America, but there are many similar FRS/GMRS radios available such as this Uniden radio:

Baofeng UV-5R. This is a common radio for preppers to have, even though it is not the ideal radio, it is still better than an FRS/GMRS/PMR446 radio because it is more flexible. Costs around /£20. Available to buy at: Amazon US: Amazon UK:

TYT MD-380. This is a Chinese made radio, like the Baofeng, so there will be some potential quality control issues, but this radio will give you secure voice communications when used with other radios which have compatible encryption. The encryption on this radio is not compatible with the Motorola radios below. Available to buy at:
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Or get the MD-390 which is basically the same radio but waterproof at this link: (Redirecting link)

Motorola DP 3600. This is the European model of the Motorola XPR 6550. It is a DMR radio, and is very rugged. You can find these second hand on eBay: US model: European model: Or you can buy them from Motorola radio dealers. Another good alternative to this radio is the Hytera PD785, which has similar features and is waterproof, but is also cheaper.

Motorola DP 4800. This is the European model of the Motorola XPR 7550. It is also a rugged DMR radio, but this is a newer model than the previous version and has some improvements such as better audio and a better designed PTT button that is harder to press accidentally. It also has one downside which is the antenna connector, which is proprietary. On the previous model (above), the antenna connector is a standard SMA connector. You can find these second hand on eBay: US model: European Model:

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