Prepping: Rice And Beans For The Right Reasons

After watching the Bob Gaskin seminar on the Morals of Survival after the SHTF, I changed the way I prep. When we first started prepping stockpiling rice and beans was one of the first things we did, but that discipline faded and honestly I haven’t purchased rice or beans in months. I have now vowed to spend every week on rice and beans for all the right reasons. First for my family and secondly I know I will not be able to say to “NO” to the neighbor or friend who after the SHTF knocks on my door and asks for help. I’ll be preparing buckets of rice, beans and seasonings for just those occasions.

Here’s some helpful links:
Great Northern Beans Nutrition:

Long Grain White Rice Nutrition:

Weston 2300 Vacuum Sealer (Amazon):

Bob Gaskin’s Morals of Survival:
Part I:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

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