Prepping The RV For Intense Cold And Discussing My Future Tiny Home

On Saturday I framed in the door of the barrel stove shed and put some sheet metal on the inside of the front wall to reduce heat loss. It was supposed to be in the 20s during the weekend and I wanted to get ready for the cold.

The barrel stove has been heating my RV during 30 and 40 degree days but if it is going to be of any use on colder nights I need to finish off the stove shed completely.

I used the piece of metal I cut out for the door to prop up as a heat shield in the doorway. Then a large 4 x 4 piece of plywood gets propped up against the doorway for now to keep the heat in.

I stocked up some wood on the porch to prepare for the cold nights ahead.

The last few nights were not cold at all so I did not use my wood stove for three days and nights.

Saturday night I had to fire it up though because it got cold again.

Sunday morning the RV wood stove still had some coals in it and I was able to get the fire going off the coals of the previous night’s fire.

I had it about 70 degrees inside the RV Sunday before I left for church. I stocked up the stove before I left and closed up the damper and air intake to keep it warm for the day. It never got above 40 degrees on Sunday.

I had to run my generator all weekend to keep the batteries topped off. I will tell you why on the next video.

I spent a bit of time discussing my future tiny home. The old 32 foot camper will not make another move. It has sagged below the frame and the interior wooden framework is rotted away. The wheels are dry rotted as well.

I plan to strip this old camper down to its frame and wheels next year and build a tiny home on top. It is a 32 foot camper by 8 feet wide.

I was thinking about making a tiny home about 10 feet wide by 20 feet long with one or two slide out sides to extend the living space when it is parked. The last 12 feet of frame will have a 12 foot long by 10 foot wide screened in porch.

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