OFF GRID with DOUG and STACY: We are involved in a multi channel collaboration with several youtube channels and some are your favorites and some might become your favorites.

We are discussing the idea of prepping and some pros and cons and also the idea of homesteading. The views expressed in this video are bassed on our experience and your experieance may be and probably is different =)

thanks for watching and please go check out yesterdays video here:

and this is a list of the channels involved now:

July 5th dirt patch heaven dirt patch heaven

July 6th goforgreenliving

July 7th Big Family Homestead

July 8th off grid with Doug and Stacy

July 9th Deep south homestead

July 10th Bigbear homestead

July 11th Ozark Off Grid Family

July 12th Permaculture Homestead

July 13th Pratt Family Homestead

July 14th Road to the Farm

July 15 My Homesteading Project

July 16 bluegrassbound homestead

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