Road To Loretta’s – Prepping For Regionals – AMA Amateur MX Competition

In this episode of Road to Loretta’s we catch up with a few of the riders and see how they are preparing for Loretta’s as time is counting down until the big event. Cooper Webb is in North Carolina with 2 more final exams to go before he can fully focus his attention on racing. Justin Bogle is at home in Oaklahoma training on his track for his last trip to Loretta’s and rid himself of some of the heavy pressure he has on his shoulders. Gavin Faith is focusing all of his attention on racing as he is at a training facility putting in his time on the track. All of the riders have regional qualifying quickly approaching are gunning for the top 7 positions to make it into nationals.

The Road To Loretta’s follows some of the world’s best amateur motocross riders as they prepare to compete at the AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship at Loretta Lynn’s.

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