Survival Tip – Water Storage Using Recycle 2 Liter Coke Bottles – Prepping Series

A great way to recycle 2 liter coke or soda bottles is to use them for water storage. Many preppers or survival buffs keep extra water on hand in case of emergency situations. It’s just good common sense. The water supply could become tainted, your water could be cut off, or in the case of that recent texas town, it could just run out completely. So having extra water stored in your storage supply is a good idea.

This is really easy to do. Just use hot water and rinse the bottle and cap out really good. You may also use soap/water to wash it if you wish. Let the bottles dry then fill them with clean water. To freshen the water up, be sure not to fill the bottle completely to the top. You can shake the bottle up and the air bubbles will put oxygen back in to the water and make it taste fresh again. You may also add just two to three drops of PLAIN (unscented) bleach and that will purify the water for you.

Rotate the water in the bottles about every six months to ensure freshness. If you do, please dump the water outside (not down the drain) and this way your garden. flowers, trees, grass, bushes get the benefit of the water.

This water can be potable and can also be used for washing clothes or dishes, cleaning items, in the toilet, for cooking, etc.

Hope that helps you preppers out there and God Bless!!

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