The Business: Prepping For Pilot Season – Audition Technique

**Warning – Explicit language used in this video**

Pilot season can be a rigorous time for actors. What can ground an actor during this time is a solid audition technique. Hear from these industry professionals on tools an actor can use to succeed in the audition room during pilot season and year around.

Panel includes Howard Fine, Margie Haber, Lesly Kahn and Warner Loughlin.

Moderated by Dennis Baker, LifeRaft Program Director.

8:10 “We’ll start with you, Howard. How do you describe your technique? What is the Howard Fine technique?”

11:34 “Warner, how do you describe your technique?”

12:18 “Lesley, how do you describe your technique?”

15:57 “Margie, how do you describe your technique?”

19:42 “In 2013, what are the questions/concerns that students are constantly coming to your classes with? Are there any consistent themes coming up in your classes?”

42:19 “You guys have talked about this, pilot season or not, actors get the script 8pm/9pm and its 5-10 pages and you have to go in at 10am tomorrow. What are some tips that I can know that I can accomplish with that script that I can work on that script to know that I can achieve the goals that you recommend I achieve?”

59:15 “What does it mean to be a self-aware actor?”

1:10:56 “What are the things you are talking about as teachers now that you weren’t talking about 20 years ago? What are the things as acting teachers, you’ve changed in the past 20 years?”

1:23:43 “What is one last thing you want to leave us and one nugget of ‘If I could sum it up, this is what I would say’”

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