Trouble In Ankara, Prepping For Silence

Tonight at 7:00pm Doug Hagmann, along with the Hagmann Report crew backing him up, will chew into the foul circus that at one time was the fourth estate of good government. Good government? Geez, when was the last time you heard those two words used together? I fear its become an oxymoron to the nth degree. And please spare me the “good old days of Cronkite” routine. Walter Cronkite did the voice over for the owl effigy at Bohemian Grove.

Here’s the breakdown: Hour one join Doug for thirty minutes of news and commentary to be immediately followed by new Hagmann darling and journalist extraordinaire, Brittany Pettibone. She is checking in from California to update us on P****G*** and explain exactly how these one percent nanny state metro-geeks are stymying if not outright banning her work from the social media platforms that her immense popularity helps fund. If this sounds familiar, it should. Brittany’s topical counterpart from London, Reality Calls (Tara) joined us last week to explain the exact same thing.

Hour Two, please join us in welcoming first time guest and long time digital media veteran, Mark Goodwin. Mark is the host of the hugely popular Prepper Recon podcast. Doug and he will tag team the waterfront and maybe even rough up some of the gag order goons who sit atop Silicon Valley like robber barons from a century ago.

In hour three, consider this…the youth of our country are not only the future of America, they are the future of the great commission to spread the Gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ. But they are completely lost and totally poisoned. They are spiritually dying from gaming, iPhones, fluoridated water and GMO food. Lucinda Bailey, owner of Texas Ready will engage Doug in how, from the dirt to your dinner, the basic building block of the spiritual, mental, physical and emotional health of your children is found in food.

It may be a lot closer than any of us realize. To reiterate: Russia’s Ambassador to Turkey is dead in Ankara. If you know your history and I know many of you do, I will close with this: 1914.

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