Lets Play Roblox:survival 303

Survive and thrive in this open-world adventure. Gather resources, excavate caves, craft tools, and fashion weapons. Form powerful tribes, construct magnificent castles, and explore vast lands — perhaps even conquer them!

Tired of exploiters? Try this:

This game is not copied. It was made entirely from scratch.

Report any exploiters immediately to me. They speed hack, destroy the map, and even turn the game into an obby.

Allowed: Killing, Burning, Raiding, Stealing, Destroying.
NOT Allowed: Exploiting, Drag-burning, Seating.


Admins: Davidii, 9196, PingyTalk, Liavkr104, Benny75890

Scripted by Shagabash.
Constructed by FlaminBlade.
Inspired by Davidii.

* Banned 6 more exploiters
* Banned 3 more exploiters
+ More admins
+ Updates to prevent exploiting
* Banned 29 exploiters, thanks to your reports

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