Roblox Survival 303 GAMEPLAY + ?

Official Suggestions/Ideas thread:

Official Rules of Survival 303

==== Concerning Lag ====

We've been receiving a lot of complaints about shutdowns, disconnects, and laggy gameplay. Sadly, this is not our fault- We can't do much to fix this. Shutdowns are not from us, but from ROBLOX's server setup. Disconnects and lag is both ROBLOX and your own computer- While some people are having issues, most others run the game fine on relatively outdated PCs, Windows or Mac. Apologies to anyone having said issues.

==== Update Log ====

Disabled comments. Currently it's just a place for spam and fights- if we start getting constructive comments, or even comments pertaining to the game itself, we'll allow the comments once again.

==== Version 5.892 HF ====

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