Survival 303 Cave Island Life Part 12

Official Suggestions/Ideas thread:

Official Rules of Survival 303

=== Comments Disabled ===
You are obviously not ready to use the comments system.

Everybody who has spammed in the last 24 hour has been banned.
Everybody who has posted a recipe in the last 24 hours has been banned.
Everybody who has asked for saving in the last 24 hours has been banned.

I hope you listen better in the future.
==== Update Log ====
Remade farming.
"Improved Compost" replaced by fertilizing your compost.
The stats of Fertile Small Compost are still equivalent to Small Compost in stats, for the moment.
If you notice any bugs with farming, please notify Davidii2 immediately.

Backpack: Shift + Click drops currently selected item, keeping the item selected.

Other minor updates.


==== Version 5.5 SC ====

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